408, 2016


We recently finalised our new titlescreen. Given that it’s one of the first visual elements the future shepherds would discover from the game , we wanted to push the quality and give it a special care. A previous titlescreen had already been made, but it did not meet our expectations and it was removed.

To bring this new titlescreen to life […]

3103, 2016

Rail cutscene tool

Quick preview of one of our last tool created in the editor. It took more time and more coffee that it should have taken. 🙂

We needed a tool that help us to create dynamic cutscenes easily. While keeping full control of the camera ingame.

This tool can handle a rail system. This rail is created with […]

1903, 2016

Open sesam !

We”re opening some doors to let you guys check out this art dump…. Doors, doors, doors, moooore dooors.

2412, 2015

Post Mortem / 2015

When we started working on Quarantime, our lifestyle was different. It use to be an end year school project with all the academic and social guidance from professionals you would expect to get from a college. We had timely assessments , time management classes with the creation of plannings and milestones, whole years […]

1402, 2015

My deadly Valentine’s day

1110, 2014

Discover our Character rendering Shader and ramp pipeline

A few months ago we introduced the Shepherd and the Badger to you. School has already started but it’s never too late to catch up and to learn more about your classmates 🙂

In the world of Quarantime, all of the characters are put in a humoristic setting. If Quarantime was TV show the plot would […]

1608, 2014

Stress is money, Blurp is the solution !

We assume that stress became an evil that took control over the world. this evil is everywhere, it is exchanged, it became money and can be relieved or tamed. The fact is that stress is the new fashionable disease !
Everyone wants to control it or rather get rid of it. Lets be crazy and picture […]

1303, 2014

Trailer is out !

Quarantime is the first indie game where you play a zombies shepherd ! This is an arcade survival game based on Stress. In this scoring game you will have to cross an endless number of levels. The rules are simple, put as much zombies as possible in quarantine hall as fast as you can. However, if you […]

2702, 2014

Quarantime Story line

Burnout, harassment… of course working isn’t always a cakewalk. At all levels,  stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health.  A survey conducted that more than 1 of 3 workers suffer from chronic stress. More than that, it has been proven that  stress can also impact children.   Lets be crazy for […]

2602, 2014

Welcome to Quarantime !

Quentin Didier, Renaud P. Carpentiers and Gregory T.Kabishi are excited to annouce to you our in-development, Quarantime !

It wasn’t easy but before we get any further we really wanted to thank a cupple of people who helped us start this project. by simply believing in us and sometimes even more. ^^

First off, a very […]